The FreeSpace Open Installer is the easiest way to install FreeSpace Open, an open-source game engine, graphical upgrade, and content pack for one of the world's finest space shooters. You can use it to install the latest upgrades and enhancements from or keep your FSO installation and mods all up-to-date.

The Installer is known to work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. More detailed information can be found on the Hard-Light Wiki.

The Installer requires that you already have a copy of FreeSpace 2 installed. You can get it from Good Old Games. After that simply run the Installer!

Download the FreeSpace Open Installer (Windows, OSX, Linux)
NOTE: The Installer requires Java 1.5 or newer to run. Alternatively, you may wish to download a Windows EXE.

If you have issues, please post on the FSO Support Forum and we'll help you out!

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