With the introduction of the new Graphical User Interface for the Installer, Total Conversions can now have their own re-branded Installer. This page will tell you how to get one for your TC.

1. First, you'll need to figure out some important settings. You'll need to figure out:
- What you want it to be called (hereafter referred to as "Installer name")
- The default (usually windows) directory you want displayed on the Directory Choose button (hereafter referred to as "default directory")
- The URL where you'll host the text files (and optional pictures) needed by your Installer (hereafter referred to as "home URL")
- the URL where you'll host the "special" text file that tells the Installer where the latest version is. (hereafter referred to as "latest URL") This can be the same as the "home URL".
- The version string you want to use (hereafter referred to as "version string"). This is used to tell if the Installer is out of date. You'll change this every time you update the actual Installer (not the text files).

2. Create a new text file. Name it "version.txt". In it, place, on one line, the version string you chose above. Save it, and upload it to your server so that it is available at <home URL>/version.txt.

3. Create a new text file. Name it "endnote.txt". In it, place a message that you want at the top of the Post-Installation notes. For example, the BtRL Demo Updater used (without the quote marks):
"Congratulations! Your BtRL Demo upgrade has completed! However, there may still be a few more things you have to do. If there is any text below this paragraph, please read it carefully, as it contains important information that you will need to know."
Save it, and upload it to your server so that it is available at <home URL>/endnote.txt.

4. Go here and follow the instructions on creating the text files that tell the Installer what to download. You can make as many as you want, or you can put all the sections into one file, one after another. Upload all of the text files you made in this step to <home URL>/<name of text file>.txt.
5. Create a new text file. Name it "filenames.txt". In it, place the full URLs of the text files you created in step 4, one on each line, in the order you'd like them to appear on the selection screen. Save it, and upload it to your server so that it is available at <home URL>/filenames.txt.

6. Get in contact with me (HLP/GameWarden PM, Email, IRC, Carrier Pidgeon, whatever.) Tell me you'd like a re-branded Installer, and give me the five pieces of information you determined in step 1.

7. When I finish re-branding your Installer, I'll send you two files: <Installer name>.zip and <Installer name>.jar. Upload these two files wherever you like. Then, create a text file called "latest.txt". Put the URLs of the Installers in this file (Zip URL on the first line, Jar URL on the second) and upload it to <latest URL>/latest.txt. This will allow older versions of the Installer to send people to these URLs when they are run. Link people to the two Installers, and you're ready to go!

The remaining step is optional. If you don't want some or all of the border pictures, simply leave them out.
8. If you'd like pretty border pictures like the ones in the regular Installer, simply create three images: top.png, left.png, and right.png. I'd recommend that you make top.png 700X78, and left.png and right.png 70x330. Then simply upload them to <home URL>/top.png, <home URL>/left.png, and <home URL>/right.png.

Q: How do I update the files the Installer downloads?
A: All of that is done through the text files you made in step 4. Simply change them as needed, then make sure you change the section's version string, as otherwise people who have already installed won't get the update.

Q: Is my Installer updated every time the regular Installer is?
A: No. If you are having a problem with your Installer, or there's a new feature in the regular Installer that you'd like in your Installer, simply make up a different version string, then follow steps 6, 7, and 2 (in that order) above. MAKE SURE TO UPDATE VERSION.TXT WITH THE NEW VERSION STRING, OR NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO USE YOUR INSTALLER!
(c) 2006, FSOInstaller com