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If you have a mod and you wish to have it considered for inclusion, please do the following:

1. Upload all the mod's files to a server which allows direct links. Not FileFront and its ilk. Many archive formats are supported; the new version of the Installer uses a wrapper around 7zip, so any archive that will work with 7zip will work with the Installer.

2. Upload a .txt file to a server in the mod text file format, as specified below.

The text file should be hosted in a place where it can be changed by the mod leader when the files change. That's why I'm asking for a link.

3. post a link to the text file in this thread, or PM it to me.

Mod Text File Specifications
Every line in the text file falls into one of three categories: Commands, Parameters, and Files. (blank lines and tabs are ignored)
For an example of a mod text file that uses all or most of these features, see fsport.txt.

Commands are specific words that do special operations during the installation. Commands are in all caps, and are limited to the following words:

NAME takes 1 parameter, the name of the section. When NAME is encountered, a new section is spawned, and is installed/updated. NAME can be used anywhere, but NAME MUST be the first line in the text file. If NAME is encountered within another section, it creates a section that requires the installation of the enclosing section.

NOAUTO (Removed from Installer as of 20081001, backwards-compatible)
NOAUTO must come directly after NAME (and its parameter) if it is to be used. NOAUTO prevents a section or its subsections from being selected when the user uses the "Select All" button.

DESC takes as many parameters as you want, each one is one line in the description of the section. the last parameter of DESC must be followed by an ENDDESC.

ENDDESC takes no parameters. ENDDESC ends a description.

NOTE takes as many parameters as you want, each one is one line in the post-installation notes of the section. the last parameter of NOTE must be followed by an ENDNOTE.

ENDNOTE takes no parameters. ENDNOTE ends a post-installation note.

FOLDER takes 1 parameter, the the subfolder of the FreeSpace2 folder to download to. FOLDER must be encountered at least once in each section before any Files are encountered in that section. If FOLDER is given a parameter of \, it will install to the FreeSpace2 root directory (not recomended).

URL takes 1 parameter, the URL of the files to download. URL (or MULTIURL, see below) must be encountered at least once in each section before any Files are encountered in that section. The URL should not include the name of the file. For instance, if you wanted to download http://www.wcsaga.com/downloads/fsport/releases/fsport-fs1_training.zip, you'd give URL the parameter "http://www.wcsaga.com/downloads/fsport/releases/"(no quotes).

MULTIURL takes as many parameters as you want, each one is a seperate URL. When the Installer tries to download a file, it attempts to download the file from the first URL specified as a parameter to MULTIURL. If the download fails for any reason, it then tries with the next URL in the list. When it runs out of URLs, it skips the file and marks the section as errored. Just like URL, MULTIURL overwrites any previous URLs when it is encountered. The last parameter of MULTIURL must be followed by a ENDMULTI.

ENDMULTI takes no parameters. ENDMULTI ends a MULTIURL.

VERSION takes 1 parameter, a string that represents the version of the files in that section. VERSION comes directly before END, after all the other Commands and Files in that section. If VERSION's parameter is changed, the updater will flag that section as outdated.

END takes no parameters. END signifies the end of a section. An END is needed for every NAME.

RENAME takes 2 parameters, the first parameter is the starting filename, and the second is the name to rename the file to. RENAME only works if the file represented by the second parameter doesn't exist, and both files are in the folder represented by the FOLDER parameter.

DELETE takes 1 parameter, the name of the file to delete from the current FOLDER.

Parameters can only come after commands. Parameters MUST come DIRECTLY after a command, no empty lines (tabs are ok). Each Parameter is specified on a seperate line from the command and all other parameters.

Files are specified by the name of the file to download. each file goes on its own line.
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